A D V E N T U R E S    O F    J O H N  S T O R M






The 'John Storm' franchise, is a series of original stories under development as graphic novels and screenplays, featuring the amazing solar and hydrogen powered Elizabeth Swann trimaran and her rugged ocean conservationist captain, who accidentally becomes DNA enhanced in the series. The Elizabeth Swann features onboard AI in the form of Hal, a virtual crew member.


The first trilogy in the series includes: 'CLEOPATRA THE MUMMY.' Currently under development as a screenplay for early 2023,

'TREASURE ISLAND' aiming for development to draft script by the end of  2023, and 'KULO-LUNA,' of which a draft script is available on request.


'THE HOLY COMPASS' is the first of a second trilogy, leading on from Treasure Island: Blackbeard's Curse and Pirate's Gold. Where, John faces international claims of looting and smuggling, of Henry Morgan's treasure, and cures Pope Peter Benedict of stage 4 cancer, using his DNA collection and a super nano-computer to make a custom CRISPR virus for the terminally ill Pontiff.




The giant humpback whale, Kulo-Luna, sinks a pirate whaling boat, celebrating her victory with a broach by the light of the Moon




Cleopatra - The Mummy - A John Storm adventure with the Elizabeth Swann              Treasure Island, John Storm franchise final adventure with the Elizabeth Swann                             Kulo Luna, humpback whale - The Adventures of John Storm and the Elizabeth Swann






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