POSTER ART - The developers spent around six months working on the poster art for Jaws, more time than it took Peter Benchley to dream up the plot. Steven Spielberg cut his teeth on the meaty role Jaws presented, directing a film using a giant rubber shark model, sometimes on submerged rails, that was camera shy. Oddly enough, having to resort to Alfred Hitchcock like suspense building, in not showing 'Bruce,' as the flawed animatronic became known, the lack of props actually helped to make the film a success.







Chief Brody, Roy Schieder, Jaws 1975 movie


Chief Brody




Captain Quint, Robert Shaw, Jaws 1975 movie


Captain Quint




Matt Hooper, Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws 1975 movie


Matt Hooper




Steven Spielberg, Director, Jaws 1975 movie


Steven Spielberg




Bruce the shark, Jaws 1975 movie






Peter Benchley, Screenplay, Jaws 1975 movie and novel


Peter Benchley




Chrissy, first victim of Jaws the great white shark 1975


Chrissie Watkins




Ellen Brody, Lorraine Gray, wife to the Chief, Jaws 1975 movie


Ellen Brody




Larry Vaughn is the Mayor of Amity in Jaws the 1975 movie


Larry Vaughn











Ellen Brody is played by Lorraine Gray. She is the supportive wife of Chief Martin Brody, a lawman recently moved from the city to take a job in a quiet little town, where crime consists of kids lopping flowers in gardens as they walk home from school.



Captain Quint, Chief Brody and Matt Hooper watch Jaws pull their boat apart



In very short order, a crisis lands the family in the middle of a bloodbath, with people and a dog going missing, as a great while shark stakes a claim to the beaches and waterways of Amity. Where, for some reason, the beaches remained open and human victims continue to swim, despite the facts.


Ellen knows her husband hates water. She has been trying to get her sons used to life in a seaside town, that invariably involves boating and bathing.




John Storm fights off the last of four great white sharks



SHARKS - In Kulo Luna, John Storm faces off four great white sharks, bravely challenging them to take a bite out of him, armed with only a speargun and a megaphone. But the oceanographer has something up his sleeve. In this story, the sharks feature only briefly, a humpback whale is the star. But in a large ocean, you will always come across a big fish looking for a meal.





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