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The adventures of John Storm and the Elizabeth Swann. John Storm is an ocean adventurer and conservationist. The Elizabeth Swann is a fast solar powered boat. During a race around the world, news of the sinking of a pirate whaling ship reaches John Storm and his mate Dan Hawk. They decide to abandon the race and try and save the whale.  This is a modern Moby Dick, the twist being that there is a happy ending for everyone, even the whalers. Herman Melville would approve.





In this scene pirate whalers Shui Razor and Stang Lee head out of Nagasaki harbour in their boats: Suzy Wong and Jonah, in search of highly prized whale meat for their black-market bosses. They locate two whales in the Pacific, give chase and kill a young female humpback called Kana. The enraged friend of Kana, a giant female named Kulo Luna, attacks the Suzy Wong and sinks it. She is wounded in the attack by a harpoon that grazed her back. Kulo Luna swims off triumphant but in great pain and dazed - heading deeper into the Pacific:-


Pirate whalers leave Nagasaki harbour at dusk by the light of the moon. Shui Razor and his crew feel lucky tonight as they slip out of the busy harbour in the Suzy Wong, into the Pacific Ocean heading south-east for the Caroline Islands at full speed .......


For four days the whalers find no target whales, then some way into the fifth by the light of a full moon, suddenly spot two blips on their sonar fish finder. They give chase, identifying a very large humpback whale and a much smaller one ......


The large whale avoids the Suzy Wong, but Shui Razor chases down the younger humpback whale and kills it with an explosive harpoon bolt.


The older whale called Kulo (in whale speak) is heart broken at the smell of blood in the water. Surfacing, the giant of a whale becomes enraged as she watches the humans rope Kana to their ship and begin hacking at the youngster. This sight drives Kulo over the edge. She charges at the Suzy Wong denting the hull, causing the hull plates to part.


The pirates fire a harpoon at Kulo, striking the whale across the back. This enrages the giant cetacean even more, who turns for another adrenaline charged - full speed ram - and sinks the Suzy Wong.


Kulo swims away in considerable pain heading the wrong way toward the Solomon Islands, but still manages a victory broach for sinking the human's ship by the light of the full moon. The moon shimmers on the ocean with the reflection of a red emergency flare in the sky, as the pirates abandon their sinking ship for inflatable liferafts - looking somewhat like fireworks celebrations, much like when the Titanic was sending out SOS signals.



The illustrations below are for example only. Please illustrate in a style and layout of your own choice.





For this scene, aim for 5 pages (sides) and 14 illustrations, suggested as:


1. Pirate whaling boat 'Suzy Wong' leaves Nagasaki harbour at dusk.

2. Pirate boat searching Pacific Ocean by the light of a full moon, with sonar screen inset showing a blip.

3. The Suzy Wong closes on the smaller of two whales.

4. The smaller whale dives to one side of the whaling boat to try and evade.

5. Ready aim fire, the Captain fires the harpoon. This picture includes an inset of the Captain and sonar.

6. The whale is hit with an explosive head, killing her instantly.

7. The pirate whalers rope the small whale to their boat, blood leaching into the sea.

8. The second whale giant mourns the death of the smaller whale.

9. The grief stricken giant humpback rams the pirate boat.

10. The pirate fire a harpoon at the charging humpback at she prepares for a second ramming.

11. The giant whale rams into the whaling boat with greater force, pushing the boat over and cracking a hull seam.

12. The giant humpback does a victory broach by the light of the full moon, while the pirate boat sinks and fires a distress flare.

13. The giant humpback whale dives back into the Pacific bleeding profusely.

14. Overhead view of the giant whale swimming South-East, with a compass rose to indicate direction.


These headings are only to guide you - to help you to plan your layout.







 Pictures 1 -3 on one page




 Pictures 4 -7 on a page, with pirate looking as sonar inset




 Pictures 8 - 10 on a page.




 Pictures 11 and 12 on a page, blending into each other with waves of upper picture over moon in lower.




 Pictures 13 and 14, blending again using waves from lower picture to separate illustrations.












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