John Storm dives in to rescue Kulo Luna, and cut the giant whale free of fishing nets


SAMPLE SCENES - John Storm is a resourceful ocean conservationist, determined to save an injured whale from being eaten by sharks, while trapped in ghost fishing nets. In this illustration John comforts Kulo Luna, and cuts her free from the polypropylene tangle.



STOP PRESS: JUNIOR SCRIPT WRITER - In April 2021 we advertised for a trainee script writer, to help us develop a feature film, specifically to include imaginative product placements in the story line. If you are interested in this stimulating position, please get in touch, sending us details of your qualifications or other experience, aspirations, etc. Suitable for students of the big screen, looking to gain experience with a view to a permanent position.


MAY 2021 - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED - We are extremely grateful to all those who expressed an interest, and supplied sample scripts - all to a very high standard.


We are currently evaluating the script samples supplied - and will get back to every applicant. In addition to script writing, we will be looking for help with director and production experience, as we decide on how best to get our story told. But please don't contact us yet on that score. Such positions will be advertised in due course.




Pink team Kulo Luna film making team souvenir


Blue team Kulo Luna film making team souvenir


All those who supply/supplied a script and a postal address, may claim a limited edition (official) souvenir pen, in recognition of their sterling support for this movie project. Available in pink and blue.



Rate: £15 - 25k pro-rata, depending on experience of using industry standard format and software (e.g. Final Draft).


Length of Contract: 3-6 months, extendable on review and by agreement.


Covid19 compliance: You can work from home, but must be fully contactable.


To apply, please submit a sample of your work, by way of how you would treat the Shark Attack chapter, if it were the Opening Sequence of a moderate budget feature film. A good example of a moderate budget film would be 'In the Heart of the Sea,' from 2015. A movie with a great scene (CGI) where a sperm whale sinks the Essex.


The opening Scene 1 (your mission) in the 'draft' movie proposal, is Chapter 14 (in the comic section of our website) : Shark Attack

We are planning to use this Chapter as a stunning opening sequence for the proposed film, to plunge headlong into the story midway, and establish the John Storm character as able to handle himself (Bond, Benjamin Gates - ish) in dangerous situations, introduce his chum Dan Hawk as his techie, and the giant humpback whale (Kulo-Luna), the star of the show – showing not telling, as far as possible. It is worth reading the Book and Comic Chapters before you start - and note this (opening) scene precedes a flashback as Scene 2, then the action comes back into time at Scene 9




John Storm and Dan Hawk make the world's largest bandage, laced with healing balm


SAMPLE SCENES - John and Dan make the world's largest bandage laced with an amazing healing balm, rolled into a pack to be able to apply to the freed whale, in an open sea situation.






The length of this family, feature (adventure) film is as yet undecided. We'll assume between 90 and 120 minutes, dependent on final budget allowed. (Ninety mins for animation). The opening scene is potentially the most important. We'd allow up to 8% of runtime. Hence aim for between 7.2 minutes - and - 9.6 minutes. So, around 8 minutes on a 100 min runtime movie.


If you find it hard to stay within these guidelines, don't worry if your submission is a longer. An editor and director would have material they can cut out (unused scenes).


We will share information of pitches at the appropriate time. Film could be animation or live action. A good example of interchangeability is Disney's 'Mulan.' Both versions work for different reasons. We are keeping options open, since difficult to predict market, but will stay with same script unless a very good reason not to.


Note: Graphic Novel is different in Chapters to the Book, and the Script is different again to the Graphic Novel. A script should only be as long as needed to tell the story. See the proposed film sequence here, where the rule of three is a good guide: 


1/3 Set up

2/3 Struggle

3/3 Resolution




In the opening Scene we need to insert/include “potential products for placing.” For example: games, computers, a cola or energy drink, medical suppliers, the media (???), mobile telecommunications, satellites, navigation instruments, etc. We need to do this sympathetically, aiming not to be slated by the critics, as some franchises have been.

Suggest for this Scene you include a divers watch (as John suits up) without naming the brand (at this stage), navigation instruments and computer (as the radar, etc) as they search for Kulo, and a pharmaceutical company (????) for the amazing healing balm the duo use for the giant bandage, or even an adhesive tape (???) as used to join the bedding to make the world's largest bandage.





JOHN STORM zips up the jacket of his [brand] diving suit and glanced at the time on his [brand] smart diving chronometer.


JOHN (into his [brand] headset)

“Time check. Over.” 





DAN HAWK spun his wrist to look at the dial of his [brand] timepiece. One of his prized marine accessories and essential …..


DANN (into his [brand] headset)

“Seventeen-Twenty-Four hours. Over.” 



We don’t want to restrain your creativity, so perhaps work on the body of the Script and leave spaces to drop in the product placings as per the above example, once you are happy with the overall feel, as per that below (once you are confirmed for this position and we are working to include brands). The point being to work in such placements in as natural a way as possible. See the movie: ‘Real Steel’ for saturation placing, without altering the story unacceptably. (Our view)





JOHN STORM zips up the jacket of his [Sharke: super light, double insulated and bite resistant] diving suit and glanced at the time on his [Sonakron: body monitoring echo location and tracking] smart diving chronometer.


JOHN (into his [Topcom] headset)

“Time check, Over.” 





DAN HAWK spun his wrist to look at the dial of his [Sonakron:] timepiece. One of his prized marine accessories and in his view essential equipment for serious oceanographic explorers operating in extreme conditions.


DANN (into his [Topcom] headset)

“Seventeen-Twenty-Four hours. Over.” 



The movie is to be rated 'U' for an animation and aiming for PG, and no more than 12 in terms of viewer participation. It's a family film. The live action version could also be a 'U' depending on treatment of the Whaling Chase chapter, the only scene involving the loss of a whale.

We would expect you to be at least familiar with ‘Final Draft’ industry standard software, or another good composition aid (Movie Magic, Writer Duet), or be prepared to use such (compatible) software as you are accepted for this position.


CLOSING DATE: Monday 3rd May. So, don't procrastinate too much : )





JOHN STORM & DAN HAWK looking aft, watching Kulo Luna swimming behind the Swan with the world's largest [brand] bandage on her tail section, highlighted in orange by the sun going down.


JOHN (wistfully)

“Ain't that a pretty sight.” 


DANN (almost tearful)

“Sure is.” 






The Elizabeth Swann sets off into the sunset with Kulo Luna swimming behind


SAMPLE SCENES - All bandaged up, Kulo Luna is happy to swim with her new human friends and their unusual looking boat, plotting a course into the Pacific sunset. The Elizabeth Swann is the world's most advanced (fastest/robotic) solar powered boat, and a major character in the story.






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